Why Work With Me?

It can be really hard to navigate through the crazy ecosystem of Technology and DevOps solutions.

When you start looking for a technology solution on the web, at trade shows, or even by asking the people you know, you will find so many different solutions seem similar on the surface but really have different features and functionality underneath. You will hear and see promises that the solution you are looking for is easy, affordable, and will solve every problem you have. So which solution should you go with?

You need a guide. Someone who is highly educated (MIT), is skilled in the hot technologies (Kubernetes, Docker, and OpenShift, just to name a few), and is ready to listen and work with you to build a plan to get where you want to go. Let me be your guide. Although I prefer the term ninja.


There are many services I can provide to help your business:

  • Technical Writeups - I can produce blog entries, technical documentation, or presentations to help educate your staff about the new technologies you are using
  • Website Design - I can create professional web content for your applications
  • Website Hosting - Let me set up and manage your webiste hosting infrastructure.
  • Server Administration - I can assist setting up your server infrastructure to run your applications on
  • Small Business Setup - Setting up a business can be confusing and hard. Let me help you get your small business off the ground.
  • Microservices/Containers - I can develop a plan for migrating your monolith applications into microservice applications running on container platforms
  • Security Tools - I can recommend and help you install security tools to keep your applications safe from hackers and malware attacks
  • Software Development - I can help pick and install frameworks to jumpstart projects so you can focus on your business logic
  • Cloud Migration - I can assist in migrating your on-premise hosted applications to cloud platforms
  • Serverless Adoption - I can guide you in building serverless functionality that will give you much more flexibility and higher availability

Let's Get Started

If any of this sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate to reach out to me today.

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